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Shelter Animal Physical Health

Course Overview

This course will help you evaluate and modify protocols to enhance the physical health and well-being of sheltered dogs and cats as well as recognize and respond to common threats to physical health.

Course Objectives

The Shelter Animal Physical Health course explores important medical concepts related to population management, sanitation, facility design, animal housing, preventive healthcare, and best practices for diagnosing and managing infectious disease outbreaks common to the shelter setting.

Enrollment Information

  • Course Lead Instructor: Dr. Julie Levy, Dr. Cynda Crawford, Dr. Brenda Griffin
  • Course Coordinator: Dr. Terry Spencer
  • Course Number: VEM 5381/ VME 6811/ VME 6934 all sections
  • Semester Credit Hours: 3
  • Term: Spring/Fall
  • SyllabusSyllabus
  • Pace Charts: Spring | Fall

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