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I. Core Courses – Required 15 Credits

Qualifies to earn the Graduate Certificate in Shelter Medicine

Course # Course Credits Fall Spring Summer
VME 6810 Integrating Veterinary Medicine with Shelter Systems 3 X X X
VME 6815 Animal Shelter Population Management by the Metrics 3 X X
VME 6811 Shelter Animal Physical Health 3 X X
VME 6813 Behavioral Health of Shelter Dogs and Cats 3 X X
VME 6816 The Role of the Animal Shelter in Protecting Community and Public Health 3 X X

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II. Additional Requirements (i)

Course # Course Credits Fall Spring Summer
VME 6951 Communication in Shelter Medicine (ii) 1 X X X
VME 6950 Capstone Project (iii) 3 X X X

III. Electives – Required 15 credits or more

III-a     |     III-b   |     III-c  |     III-d

III-a – Other Electives in Shelter Medicine (iv)

*Electives that count toward a Certificate in Animal Shelter Leadership

Course # Course Credits Fall Spring Summer
VME 6814 Teaching Clinical Skills in Animal Shelters 3  X
VME 6939 Topics in International Shelter Medicine 3 X
VME 6818 High-Quality High Volume Spay Neuter 3 X
VME 6817 Humane Euthanasia in Animal Shelters 3 X X
VME 6812 Problem-Oriented Approach to Shelter Animal Behavior and Welfare (v) 3 X
VME 6XXX Infectious Diseases of Shelter Felines 3 TBD
VME 6XXX Infectious Diseases of Shelter Canines 3 TBD
VME 6XXX *Principles of Animal Shelter Leadership 3 TBD
VME 6XXX *Principles of Animal Shelter Management 3 TBD
VME 6XXX *Shelter Fundraising and Development 3 TBD
VME 6XXX *Shelter Marketing and Communications 3 TBD
VME 6XXX *Coaching Animal Shelters toward Life Saving 3 TBD
VME 6820 Introduction to Veterinary Disaster Response 1 X
VME 6800 Welfare and Wellness for Pets and People 1 X
VME 6934 Topics in Veterinary Medical Science 1 X X X
VME 6905 Problems in Veterinary Medical Sciences 1-3 X X X

III-b – Electives counted towards Certificate in Veterinary Forensic Sciences (iv)

**Electives that count toward a Certificate in Veterinary Forensic Sciences

Course # Course Credits Fall Spring Summer
VME 6051 **Cruelty to Animals and  Interpersonal Violence 3 X
VME 6052 **Animal Crime Scene Processing 3 X
VME 6054 **Scientific and Legal Principles of Forensics Evidence 3 X
ENY 6706 **Forensic Entomology 3 X
VME 6575 Veterinary Forensic Medicine (Recommended for Medical Staff Only) (v) 3 X
VME 6571 Forensic Applied Behavior 3 X
VME 6615 Veterinary Forensic Toxicology 3 X
VME 6056 Animal Law 3 X
VME 6572 Forensic Aspects of Agricultural Animal Welfare 3 X
VME 6576 Veterinary Forensic Pathology (Open to Veterinarians Only) 3 X

IV. Thesis-based Degree Requirements – 10-14 Credits (vi)

Course # Course Credits Fall Spring Summer
VME 6971 Research for Master’s Thesis (vii) 6 (max) X X X
VME 6910 Supervised Research 1-5
PHC 6050 Statistical Methods for Health Science 1 3 X
VME 6771 Veterinary Epidemiologic Research 3 X

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i. A course or prior publication that documents ability to write in the sciences, such as VME 6951 Communication in Shelter Medicine, or OpenEdX Writing in the Sciences (0-1 credit)Non-thesis students are expected to (1) meet with their online advisors at least once annually to review progress, (2) keep an e-portfolio to document their learning and professional growth, and (3)  to develop  a “Capstone Project” approved by their advisors before the final semester of their program. Thesis students are expected to (1) meet online with their committees at least twice annually to review their progress, (2) document teaching efforts, (3) attend online national rounds, and (4) develop and defend their thesis. 

ii. Capstone project must be approved before registering for this course, formerly titled Scientific Poster Writing Workshop.  Can meet the requirement to document the ability to write in the sciences in other ways, but this course is recommended once you have an approved Capstone Project proposal to develop.

iii.  Required completion in final semester and must be enrolled in at least 3 credits to graduate in the final semester. Topic must be approved prior to registering for capstone.

iv. These electives are handled through

v. Prerequisite of VME 6813 Behavioral Health for Shelter Dogs and Cats; Recommended for Medical Staff only.

vi. Thesis option is available only with outside funding. Courses below are required for students pursuing the thesis-based degree requirements. For the thesis-based degree, students must take VME 6971, VME 6910, & EITHER PHC 6050 or VME 6771.

vii. 2-3 credits required last semester.

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Courses and schedule are subject to change based on demand and availability.

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