VME 6830: Principles of All Hazard Responding in Animal Welfare

Course Description

This course will provide students with in-depth knowledge of the all hazards approach to emergency planning and response and how it affects people and animals.

Course Content

As individuals in animal welfare, there will come a time in our careers where we will be faced with a disaster response.  Disasters come in many forms; hurricanes to tornados, pandemics to hoarding situations.   Hurricane Katrina was catastrophic and affected thousands of people and their pets. From this disaster we learned that our disaster plans must consider people AND their pets.  This course will provide the student with a better understanding of the all hazards approach, how to apply the cycle of animal disaster response to all forms of disaster and how to plan for and respond to disasters efficiently and effectively.

Enrollment Information

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  • Course Number: VME6830 all sections
  • Semester Credit Hours: 3
  • Term: Fall/Spring/Summer
  • Course Pre-Requisites/Co-Requisites: NA