VME 6840: Life-Enhancing Strategies of Animal Welfare Organizations

Course Content

Explore innovative, life-enhancing programs and strategies that promote optimal animal health and welfare, ideal community and personnel involvement, and organizational success of animal welfare organizations.  

Course Description

Life-enhancing programs and strategies in animal welfare organizations may occur at various stages of the animal shelter experience.  These programs and strategies occur prior to an animal’s entry to the shelter, during their shelter stay and following their exit from the shelter.  A holistic exploration of the programs and strategies that address the needs of the animals, the organization, and the staff and community members associated with the organization will be discussed as follows: 

  • Pre-Shelter Programming: Organizational Structure, Function & Regulation, Field Services, Diversion Strategies, Safety Net, Community Cat Management, Managed Admissions
  • Shelter Programming: Human and Animal Welfare, Animal Medical and Behavioral Care, Shelter Metrics, Animal Transfer, Animal Foster Care and Euthanasia Prevention
  • Post-Shelter Programming: Adoption, Communication

Enrollment Information

  • For Current Syllabus and Course Instructor, please reference the Course Tracker
  • Course Number: VME 6840 all sections
  • Semester Credit Hours: 3
  • Term: Fall/Spring
  • Course Pre-Requisites/Co-Requisites: Access to a local animal shelter where you can observe and/or review organizational programs, structure and function related to animals, volunteers and staff