VME 6814: Principles of Teaching in Animal Shelters

Course Overview

Introduces pedagogical skills necessary for effectively teaching clinical skills in the setting of an animal shelter. 3 credit course.

Course Content

Shelter professionals are often expected to teach and supervise volunteers, staff, and students completing externships or internships in animal shelters. However, few shelter professionals have had the opportunity to develop their teaching skills.  This course will prepare students to  (a) plan for instruction, (b) teach, (c) give appropriate feedback, and (d) coach others to develop important knowledge, values, and skills for the animal shelter setting.  Students in this course will learn about current educational learning theory and develop necessary pedagogical skills for effectively teaching important concepts in the practice of shelter medicine (i.e.animal handling, population management, physical exams, spay/neuter surgery.)

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Enrollment Information

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  • Course Number: VME 6814 all sections
  • Semester Credit Hours: 3
  • Term: Summer