VME 6812: Problem Oriented Approach to Shelter Animal Behavior and Welfare

Course Content

This course, which is intended for shelter medical and behavior staff, will focus on using a problem-oriented approach to identification, diagnosis, and treatment of behavior problems in shelter dogs and cats. Important concepts related to shelter animal behavior and welfare are explored including: behavior and welfare assessment, behavior modification and management, psychopharmacology, and behavior and welfare plan development for sheltered pets. This course builds upon the concepts taught in VME 6813  Behavioral Health for Shelter Dogs and Cats. 3-credit course.

Enrollment Information

  • For Current Syllabus and Course Instructor, please reference the Course Tracker
  • Course Number: VME 6812 all sections
  • Semester Credit Hours: 3
  • Term: Summer
  • Course Pre-Requisites/Co-Requisites: Completion of VME 6813 Behavioral Health for Shelter Dogs and Cats, have ready access to shelter dogs or cats to work on cases, and be associated with the medical or behavioral health-care teams at an animal shelter or veterinary clinic. (Course is limited to veterinarians, veterinary technicians, behavior professionals and others who will be expected to diagnose, prescribe, and monitor the effects of behavior medications and treatment plans.)