Student Testimonials

I felt like the certificate changed everything for me. I felt like it turned me from a veterinarian in a shelter to a shelter veterinarian. It was a lot of work but really worth it. Linda Jacobson, BVSc, MMedVet(Med), PhD

I have learned that people around the world are dealing with the same problems I deal with on daily basis and was curious to hear solutions and opinions from students during discussions. While learning has theoretical aspects, I feel I got a lot of practical tools which I have implemented in my shelter the following day. Followed what I learned in the different courses I was able to make a real change for the animals under my responsibility but not only. With the tools I got I’m practicing better shelter medicine at the population level and able to move things on national level. Things are never easy when it come to the animal shelter field but I’m feeling more secure and strong in the process I lead, a lot of it is thanks to what I have gained at the shelter medicine online program. – Tal Assif, DVM

The UF program gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to steer through what might have become a terrible storm. – Mary-Elizabeth Ellard, MS, DVM, UF

“I think that overall, this course was an excellent and completely worthwhile experience. While I often stretched myself very thin between 4th year clinical rotations, completing a VIRMP application, studying for boards, and studying for this course, I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to participate this semester.  I have gained a wealth of knowledge and now have great notes from experts in the field on the topics I care most about!” Ken Sieranski, Texas A & M University Class of 2013