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“This course is phenomenal and I can assure you many of us are grateful for it. I am using things I have learned on a daily basis and I feel I can make a difference now. The resources are great and I did not know they existed before.”

“My staff is starting to utilize the methods in the lessons not only for our adoption animals but for our patients. This is a win-win situation.”

“As I think about the concept of decreasing length of stay, I realize our shelter workers will need to change their view of how the shelter is supposed to work. By setting concrete short- and long-term goals, I believe the workers will better understand and appreciate how the program is working and how it is benefiting both animals and people.”

“I think that overall, this course was an excellent and completely worthwhile experience. While I often stretched myself very thin between 4th year clinical rotations, completing a VIRMP application, studying for boards, and studying for this course, I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to participate this semester.  I have gained a wealth of knowledge and now have great notes from experts in the field on the topics I care most about!”

Ken Sieranski, Texas A & M University Class of 2013

“I loved the video of the terrier promoting himself to potential adopters! It made me think of many other creative ways to promote our adoption animals, which I have shared with my fellow online students in the discussion forum.”

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