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Recent News from the Online Certificate Program

  • How shelter communications can turn a parvo outbreak from crisis to positive outcome
    Does an outbreak of parvovirus need to be a crisis in your shelter? No, said Dr. Lesli Groshong, Chief Shelter Veterinarian for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, at the 2012 Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference at University of Florida. As a shelter that accepts large transfers of puppies from high risk... Read more »
  • Making change for Australian shelter animals, thanks to UF online shelter medicine course
    The transformation being made for animals by the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at UF is a global one, and there are few better examples than the changes accomplished by Australian alum Ann Enright, BVMS, MRCVS. Enright was working in a cat shelter in Australia when she went the to the International... Read more »
  • Dr. Marty Becker: Why Fear Free animal shelters aren’t just possible, they’re inevitable
    The Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida will be giving away one Fear Free training and certification each day at our booth, #905, at Animal Care Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, May 8-12, 2017, chosen among attendees who stop by our booth and enter during Exhibit Hall... Read more »
  • Is there a single-dose, less expensive drug to treat giardiasis in shelter dogs and cats?
    Treating the protozoan disease caused by giardia infection is a nightmare for shelters. Treatment continues for several days, and is very difficult for staff to administer. The drugs are foul-tasting, and one of them, metronidazole, has numerous side effects and a narrow margin of safety. So, asked Dr. Cynda Crawford at... Read more »
  • Are we getting our cats’ temperatures all wrong?
    Is your cat’s temperature really normal? Maybe not. While the range of healthy feline temperatures considered normal is considered to be between 100.0 and 102.5⁰F, there’s little evidence supporting that range. In a recent study, UF Shelter Medicine Program researchers led by Dr. Julie Levy checked temperatures on 200 healthy adult... Read more »

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