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Recent News from the Online Certificate Program

  • How to get and offer help for animals and shelters impacted by Hurricane Michael
    The Florida State Agricultural Response Team (FLSART) is assessing the impact of Hurricane Michael on the Florida Panhandle animal welfare agencies and matching up offers of resources with the most critical needs. Coordinating through the official statewide response system will reduce duplication and unmet needs. If your animal welfare organization needs... Read more »
  • One photographer, one dog: Saving lives in Puerto Rico
    Shannon Jackson joined the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine team when we visited Puerto Rico this summer to document our shelter consultations there. She took many of the wonderful photos that illustrate our earlier coverage of the trip, but there’s so much more to her story. She agreed to share it with... Read more »
  • Helping shelters prevent and respond to disease outbreaks
    The UF Shelter Medicine Team, headed up by Dr. Cynda Crawford, works with shelters across the country that are struggling with disease outbreaks. Does your shelter already have a disease response plan developed with a qualified shelter veterinarian? If not, then your immediate response should be to reach out for... Read more »
  • You can still sign up for our online Compassion Fatigue course!
    There’s still time to enroll in the fantastic Compassion Fatigue Strategies online course with Jessica Dolce. It begins today, Sept. 24, but its flexible, self-paced schedule allows you to join the course in-progress until Oct. 6. What do students who’ve taken it have to say about it? Jessica Dolce’s compassion fatigue course... Read more »
  • Study: Nonprofit clinics may be some pets’ only chance of being spayed or neutered
    A study published last week found that most dogs and cats seen by nonprofit spay-neuter clinics would be at high risk of remaining intact and contributing to the population of pets entering local animal shelters if not for services offered by such clinics. The majority of these pets are owned... Read more »

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