Lisa Shriver

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Dr. Lisa Shriver, DVM

Dr. Shriver graduated from The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009.  She is very passionate about learning and sharing knowledge related to the ever-evolving fields of shelter medicine, veterinary forensics, field medicine and access to care for underserved populations. She has been part of the University of Florida shelter medicine instructional team on and off since 2013.

After completing an academic small-animal rotating internship, she spent time consulting with national animal welfare organizations during large-scale animal rescue and temporary sheltering events (ex. natural disasters, hoarding and puppy mill cases.)  She continued to advance her education by completing graduate certificate programs in both Veterinary Forensic Sciences and Shelter Medicine through the University of Florida, and for several years served as Courtesy Lecturer in Shelter Medicine at UF while pursuing her Master’s degree.  She began consulting as a field medicine veterinarian with Rural Area Veterinary Services in 2012. In 2015, she joined that team full-time to spearhead a pilot outreach program providing regular access to veterinary care for the San Carlos Apache Tribe utilizing some methods and the general philosophy of the Pets For Life program.  Over the next four years, she became inspired by this work to support progressive and sustainable community-based animal welfare solutions that result in lasting social change for underserved communities.

In late 2018, she left her post with the RAVS program and moved to Arizona to start a nonprofit that works to achieve these results. Recently Dr. Shriver was able to reconnect with the UF Shelter Medicine team to resume teaching and began working part-time with a shelter in Phoenix that works with rural rescue partners to extend life-saving capacity to homeless pets in these remote areas.

Courses Taught:

VME 6815: Animal Shelter Population Management by the Metrics