Student and Faculty Author Paper on Understanding Veterinarian of Record Relationships in Animal Shelters

Authors Sara R. Almcrantz, Dr. Emily J. Walz, DVM, MPH, DACVPM, and Terry G. Spencer, DVM, Med, highlight the critical relationship between shelter administrators and veterinarians in their paper “Veterinarian of Record Relationships for Animal Shelters: Differences in Expectations between Veterinarians and Nonveterinarian Shelter Administrators.” Sara, a graduating student from the University of Florida’s Online Shelter Medicine program, alongside Dr. Walz, a faculty member, and Dr. Spencer, the program director, provide valuable insights into Veterinarian of Record Relationships (VoRRs), essential agreements allowing shelters to access wholesale medical supplies while fulfilling veterinary care responsibilities.

Infographic about relationships with the Veterinarian of Record at animal shelters

VoRRs are lifelines for shelter administrators, enabling them to provide vital veterinary care within budget constraints, optimize cost-effectiveness, and meet legal requirements. However, disparities in expectations between shelter administrators and veterinarians regarding legal compliance, compensation, and animal care priorities can impede effective VoRRs.

This paper emphasizes the importance of bridging these gaps through clear communication, negotiation, and education on legal and ethical considerations. By fostering understanding and collaboration, stronger VoRRs can be established, ultimately enhancing animal welfare in shelter settings.

Read the full publication in the Journal of Shelter Medicine & Community Animal Health.