Recent Graduate Presents Capstone at National Conference

Berlin Waters
Berlin Waters with her poster presentation.

The capstone project in the Online Shelter Medicine program is more than just another assignment; it serves as a valuable platform for sharing innovative ideas and best practices within the field of animal shelters. Recent graduate Berlin Waters exemplifies this by presenting her capstone project, “A Guide to Managing Aggressive Shelter Cats”, at the Best Friends National Conference in Houston, TX. Her poster, a product of her dedicated work throughout the program, showcased her research and findings, demonstrating the practical application of her academic journey.

Berlin’s presentation at the conference highlights how capstone projects contribute to the greater community. These projects provide critical insights, often honed through rigorous coursework, research, and practical experience, that can benefit animal shelters across the nation. Furthermore, the exposure at conferences elevates these projects to a level of recognition that extends beyond the classroom.

Dr. Morrow and Sarah DiRusso
Dr. Morrow and Sarah DiRusso.

In addition to Berlin’s achievement, the Best Friends National Conference featured posters by faculty members like Dr. Becky Morrow, Dr. Aimee Dalrymple, and program graduate Dr. Rachael Kreisler. The ongoing impact of the Online Shelter Medicine program is demonstrated through this dedicated research and collaboration with organizations in the animal welfare field.