Online Shelter Medicine Faculty to Present at Best Friends National Conference

Photos of Louiza Chan, Dr. Aimee Dalrymple and Dr. Wright e and Dr. Wright

Three Faculty members from the Online Shelter Medicine program will be presenting at the Best Friends National Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, July 7–9, 2022.

Louiza Chan and Dr. Aimee Dalrymple, DVM, MS, along with Josh Fisher, CAWA, MHA and Jennifer Federico will give a presentation titled “How to Recruit, Develop and Support Shelter Veterinarians” which will dive into topics about staffing shelters with qualified veterinarians in a market struggling to fill job vacancies in both public and private settings. The session will cover identifying and attracting good candidates and retention.

Dr. Laurene “Laurie” Wright, DVM, MS is conducting a session on “Effective Teaching Methods to Address Common Frustrations in Shelters” to address effective communication with staff, volunteers and adopters. Topics will cover evidence-based teaching and learning methods to best convey important practices such as how to handle pet introductions with new adopters and proper use of equipment and cleaning processes for shelter staff.

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