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How much does it cost?

All students who enroll in the online Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program courses will pay in-state tuition for University of Florida graduate-level courses.

Tuition & Fees

The cost per credit hour is $525. There are additional fees added per credit hour, which are subject to change.
(Based on rate of $525/ credit hour, plus an estimated $13.32/ credit hour for student fees) **

  • $1,575 tuition plus $39.96 fees = $1,614.96/ each three-credit online course
  • $4,725 tuition plus $119.88 fees = $4,844.88/ completed certificate (three courses)
  • $15,750 tuition plus $399.60 fees = $16,149.60/ completed master’s degree
  • Masters Degree Tuition ranges from $525 to $650 per credit hour depending on elective choice.

**Additional costs for required textbooks. Fees are approximate.

Registration costs follow the standard tuition and fee rates for the University of Florida. Registration includes access to the course materials (e.g., lectures, reading material, discussion sessions, etc.). Students may be responsible for other optional costs as well.

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